Drawing the Connection between Climate Change and Tectonics

In this interview series, we learn about the perspectives of the PhD students whose wide-ranging work contributes to the SEA2 Program and share what drives them in their research.

What comes to mind when you think of climate change and sea-level rise?

The science of tectonics is linked to both in the most unexpected way. When an earthquake occurs, for example, a tectonic fault ruptures and causes short-term deformations, such as vertical land motion – a shift in the earth that influences sea-level rise by literally raising or lowering the seabed – it forms a link to climate change that is not immediately apparent.

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About the Earth Observatory of Singapore

The Earth Observatory of Singapore conducts fundamental research on earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and climate change in and around Southeast Asia, toward safer and more sustainable societies.

About the SEA2 Program

The SouthEast Asia SEA-level program (SEA2) integrates instrumental, historical, and geological sea-level datasets in Southeast Asia with sophisticated modeling capabilities to improve the accuracy of projections of sea-level rise and extreme sea levels, and to communicate the results to the scientific community, governmental agencies, and the public.

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