Natalya Gomez
associate professor and Canada Research Chair
I am an associate professor at McGill University and a Canada Research Chair in Ice Sheet Sea Level Interactions.
Natasha Barlow
My research focus is late Quaternary environmental change and in particular relative sea-level change along both active and passive coasts, on both recent and interglacial timescales.
Chan Eng Soon
I am CEO of the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore. My research interests and activities are focused on marine processes, including marine hydrodynamics, wave-structure interactions, sediment transport and coastal protection.
Thomas Frederikse
I’m interested in the drivers of regional and global sea-level changes on inter-annual to multi-decadal time scales.
Stephen Chua
I am a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. My research focuses on reconstructing past sea level and environmental change in Singapore and Southeast Asia using geological proxies.
Marjolijn Haasnoot
Currently working as Associate Professor at Utrecht University, I am also affiliated to Deltares where I lead the strategic research program on climate adaptation. The focus of my work is assessing societal impacts of climate change.
Jochen Hinkel
My research aims to understand governance of human-environment interactions in the context of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, with a particular focus on coastal systems.
Daniella Hirschfeld
My research focuses on building resilience in the face of the climate crisis. I bring together the fields of urban ecology and environmental planning to investigate the management and design of sustainable places.
Judy Lawrence
I undertake government funded cross agency and multi-disciplinary research programmes on climate change adaptation and supervise post graduate students.
Joseph Daniel Intsiful
Senior Climate and Early Warning Systems Specialist
Joseph Daniel Intsiful is the Senior Climate and Early Warning Systems Specialist at the Green Climate Fund (GCF).