Ho Chai Teck
Deputy Director (Master planning and Regulatory Division), Coastal Protection
Mr Ho Chai Teck currently holds the post of Deputy Director (Masterplanning and Regulatory Division) in the Coastal Protection Department at PUB
Natalya Gomez
associate professor and Canada Research Chair
I am an associate professor at McGill University and a Canada Research Chair in Ice Sheet Sea Level Interactions.
Abby Sullivan
Senior Advisor for Climate Science and Risk Communication
Abby Sullivan recently joined the Philadelphia Office of Sustainability as the Senior Advisor for Climate Science and Risk Communication.
Amon Martin
Assets and Planning Manager
Amon Martin is an asset and planning manager who leads effective adaptation planning. He has 20-years’ experience in managing the risks associated with climate related hazards, including management of flood protection infrastructure.
Nguyen Danh Thao
Vice President
Nguyen Danh THAO is an Associate Professor at the Department of Port and Coastal Engineering and a Vice President, HCMC University of Technology (HCMUT), concurrently.
Laurice Jamero
Team Lead
Lau leads the Resilience Collaboratory of the Manila Observatory, where she works closely with local governments and civil society organizations across the Philippines to support their climate and disaster risk management, and adaptation planning efforts
Adam Robinson
Major Project Leader
Adam Robinson is a major project leader for the Environment Agency, an Institution of Civil Engineers Fellow and Carbon Champion and, since 2014, has been the Project Director for the delivery and construction of the Boston Barrier Tidal Surge Barrier in the UK. 
Dilip Trivedi
Vice President
Dilip is a Principal with Moffatt & Nichol in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he has been practicing Coastal Engineering for about 30 years.
Karen Partington
Environmental Services Manager
Karen is the Manager, Environmental Systems for the Lake Macquarie City Council in Australia.
Natasha Barlow
My research focus is late Quaternary environmental change and in particular relative sea-level change along both active and passive coasts, on both recent and interglacial timescales.