Angélique Melet

Dr. Angélique Melet is a physical oceanographer specialized in sea level changes, with a focus on the coasts. She contributes to the development of climate services dealing with sea level changes and related risks. Her current research focuses on the development of a pan-European early warning system based on short-term forecasts within the H2020 ECFAS project. She also leads the development of regional projections of sea level changes over the northeastern Atlantic within the H2020 CoCliCo project and contributes to the European Joint Programme Initiative Knowledge Hub on Sea Level Rise.

Angélique Melet works at Mercator Ocean International, France. In parallel to her research activities, she contributes to the coordination and management of one of the six pillar services of the European Earth Observation Programme, the Copernicus Marine Service. The Service is user and policy driven and provides scientific data and information for the ultimate benefit of society. Angélique is head of the Copernicus Marine Service short-to-long-term scientific evolutions.

Role: Associate Professor | Leader of Leeds Quaternary
Field of Research: Oceanography
Areas of Expertise: Sea-level changes, risk management

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Speaker Details