Arthur Webb

Holding over 30 years experience working in the Pacific Islands, Arthur has worked in over 14 Pacific Island Countries in urban and remote rural communities and locations. He specialises in island shoreline processes, coastal management and marine hazards mitigation and has specialist expertise in atoll environments and coastal resilience.

Arthur has a strong background in climate change science and was a Lead Author in the Small Islands Chapter of the 2014 IPCC Assessment. Arthur joined TCAP as the Chief Technical Advisor in November 2017.

Research and work interests remain focused towards medium and long term coastal adaptation solutions in atoll environments, shoreline processes and geomorphology as well as climate change impacts in atolls.

Role: Chief Technical Adviser
Field of Research: Geomorphology
Areas of Expertise: Climate Change Adaptation, Coastal Management, Climate Change, Coastal Sediment Processes, Benthic biogeochemistry, Atoll Coastal Science

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Speaker Details