Stephen Chua

I am a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Earth Observatory of Singapore where my research focuses on Holocene sea-level rise and coastal change. I reconstruct past sea levels and environmental change in Singapore and Southeast Asia during the Quaternary period by applying sedimentological and geochemical methods (stable carbon isotope analysis, micro XRF-scanning) on geological proxies (e.g., mangrove peat) mainly obtained from sediment cores.

I have studied Singapore mangrove/coastal environments since 2002. My undergraduate dissertation (2003) focused on reconstructing palaeoenvironmental changes of the Sungei Buloh-Kranji mangrove coast, while my MSc (2010) involved monitoring and predicting potential impacts of sea-level rise on the Pasir Ris mangroves. My PhD (2019) involved reconstructing Holocene sea levels and environmental change from mangrove and marine muds from a 40m sediment core from Marina South, Singapore.

I was a Visiting Research Associate of the British Geological Survey in 2015. I was awarded the Endeavour Research Fellowship (Australian Government) in 2017 to conduct isotopic analysis of sediments at the Advanced Analytical Centre, James Cook University, Cairns. I was awarded the Outstanding Student Presentation at the American Geoscience Union (AGU) annual meeting in 2018. I sit on the Singapore Stratigraphic Committee (2014 – present) and recently led the collaborative re-evaluation of the Quaternary Geology of Singapore. I co-authored the landmark Singapore Geology Memoir (2021) which guides all future geoengineering projects in Singapore.

Role: Research Fellow
Field of Research: Quaternary environmental change
Areas of Expertise: Holocene sea-level change, geology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, geomorphology, mangroves

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